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"In my 30 years of accounting and business consulting, Iíve never seen a collection company obtain an 80% collection ratio, but FMS did it!"


Debt Acquisition Benefits:

Cash Flow
In the life of any business, the ability to handle immediate cash needs to cover operating expenses or expansion objectives are always a concern. Liquidating delinquent accounts into an immediate cash payment gives you the flexibility of using those funds at your own discretion to satisfy your individual needs. Many companies do not recognize the inherent value of bad debt and how the sale of this asset can provide instant cash flow.

Closing the Books
In many instances it is more valuable to sell delinquent or defaulted debt rather than maintaining them on the companyís financial records. For accounting purposes, businesses often sell their debt on a quarterly or annual basis. Circumstances where businesses are selling an asset are also opportune times to liquidate these portfolios, provide immediate cash to the seller, and allow them to close the books to avoid continual accounting costs due to the residual income of debt collection.

Time Value of Money
The advantage of liquidating a portfolio of bad debt, allows you to enjoy the time value of money. At FMS we will evaluate your portfolio and offer a highly competitive bid to purchase your debt. This allows you to reduce the risk of an uncertain return on the asset and convert it into current cash.

This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt.
Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.