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"No other collection agency has ever done anything for us. FMS is the best weve ever had. All the other managers are saying the same thing."



"In the more than six years that Franklin Park at Greenbelt Station (Fieldstone Properties) has enjoyed working with FMS, we have experienced the best collection results we've ever seen; averaging 34 percent liquidation of debts!

Most agencies told us that they would only collect for our company within the first six months ... FMS told us that they would continue to work our accounts for an entire seven years, sometimes more.

These efforts have led to annual collection increases in our portfolio every year since partnering with FMS. In fact, this year's increase over last year is in excess of 12%. From our prospective, FMS is the way to go for your collection needs!

Ashley F Robinson, Sr. Accounting Specialist
Franklin Park at Greenbelt Station

"Dear Ms. Royer,
I was informed by Carlos Boone (Maryland) that you were his supervisor/manager.
This message is to inform you that I have received "excellent customer service" from Mr. Boone.
His demeanor, calmness, efficiency and especially trustworthiness is most worthy of mention.
We worked together to satisfy a debt that I did not know I had. As I am certain you know, these economic times are difficult on everyone, including me. He kept his word and followed through to ensure both parties communicated with ease and competently. I felt very comfortable working with Mr. Boone.
Mr. Boone is most definitely a great asset to your company and I believe the employees he supervises should learn from his ability to communicate and get "the job done". This will most definitely benefit FMS.
This communication with you is to ensure that he is recognized for his work well done.
Most Sincerely,
Please do not hesitate to communicate with me if the need should arise and I give you my permission to share this message and to place it in his personnel file for future evaluations.

P.S. By the way :)
I have never written a letter praising anyone for taking $200 out of my pocket !
I am unemployed (worked in the media for 20 years), (looking for work ferociously, of course). I have gone through all my savings, and I receive NO financial assistance from anyone. I am the sole provider for my teenage daughter, nevertheless I owed the money and the "odd thing" is that I feel good the debt is paid.

Hopefully karma will turn my way and in some shape or form, put food on the table :)

Louise, Debtor
FMS Financial Solutions

"Previous collections companies have never kept me so involved in the process. Thanks to FMS for keeping me in the loop! "

Marjorie Theis, Assistant Property Manager
Quail Hollow Apartments

"In my 30 years of accounting and business consulting, Ive never seen a collection company obtain an 80% collection ratio, but you did it! We wrote off this portfolio of home improvement and real estate loans fully expecting to get a fraction in return. Your collection company managed to sustain its collection effort over the past 8 years and to this day, I am still receiving residual income. Thank you for your perseverance, integrity, and professionalism. I would be happy to serve as a reference to others who may consider using your fine services."

Howard Postal, C.P.A
Santos, Postal & Company

"No other collection agency has ever done anything for us. FMS is the best weve ever had. All the other managers are saying the same thing."

Pat Murray, Property Manager
Aspen Square Management


This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt.
Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.